Monday, March 24, 2014

Renoma - 50 Years of Creation

Gosh, this is a SUPER late post.

I was invited to the Renoma: 50 Years of Creation event at their Sunway Pyramid outlet in late January and as I've been rather busy working on the new website & doing a bit of travelling I haven't really had the chance to properly sit down to do this post (that & I also tend to procrastinate :( ).

Renoma was started 50 years ago by a two-brother-team, Mousieur Maurice & Michel Renoma at hteir store White House - Renoma in Rue de la Pompe, Paris. The brand name was then a fashion statement for all the young & trendy, people like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Andy Warhol, Brigitte Bardot, Yves Saint Laurent & Karl Lagerfeld were just some of Renoma's famous regulars.

Since then, Renoma has expanded its collection to include apparel, underwear, leather goods, shoes, belts & a whole collection of fashionable products to cater to the new breed of confident young customers who consciously seek out style updates.

As someone who has always been passionate about fashion, Maurice Renoma decided to extend his creativity to various fields which include: lifestyle, design & photography. The Renoma Cafe in both Paris & Kuala Lumpur are platforms where he showcases his photography skills & interior design flair.

Some pretty cute shirts! 

For this particular event, we were invited to check out a fashion show by Renoma!

Our host for the evening, Nicholas Mak.
Photo hijacked from A Shopaholic's Den

The fashion show started with a collection of leather goods & fashionable corporate wear. 

Moved on to some pretty awesome casual styles. 

Loving the denim & crisp white hoodie! 

Good looking comfy lounge wear. 

And of course, underwear. 

Just some of the fun ladies underwear that wasn't part of the fashion show. 

All in all, it was a pretty fun event! I am loving some of the vintage decor items the store has! If only I could take'em home with me! 

And lastly... 

Till next time!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Around the UK with ME!

A short photo blog of my recent trip to the UK with my family to visit my sister, who happens to be studying there! (Don't know why I added that last bit, but felt it was relevant somehow. :P )

Pre-requisite photo of the sky from the plane. It's GORGEOUS! 
It's been awhile since I went anywhere, so was super excited to just be on the travellator! 
Wearing Boots from Turkey, Army Green Long Top from Supre & Black Fuzzy Sweater from my mom! 
First stop was the Stone Henge. 
Don't let my lack of coat fool you, it was FREEZING & so WINDY! I just wanted to be vain! :P 
This is the start of how I recycle my clothes for this 2 week trip, with just 3-4 sweaters! 
Wearing Black Sweater from Supre & Jeans from Uniqlo. 
The Cardiff countryside.
I thought Stone Henge was cold, boy was I wrong! The rain & wind in Wales were merciless! 
Wearing Pink Sweater from an online store & Pleather Pants from H&M. 
It was a rather warm & sunny day at Oxford. But was feeling lazy, so didn't take off my coat. 
It's CHRISTMAS! So I put on my festive socks. :) 
Socks from muh sistah! 
A warmish day at the Iron Bridge, Telford.
Feeling monochrome. 
White Sweater from an online shop & again my Black Pleather pants. :P 
Before destroying the malls at Birmingham, we stopped by to take this photo. :P 
Pink Scarf from H&M & Black Pleather Pants from H&M. 
Are you starting to see the recycling yet? :D
One of my loot from the Boxing Day Sales at Birmingham!
It's a Pug Life! 
Finally in LONDON! At the Buckingham Palace.
Boy, was this photo hard to take. The sheer amount of people just queuing up just to take a photo of this gate. (Okay fine, there weren't that many but there was still a line!) 
Yup, it is the SAME Pink Sweater & Black Pleather Pants from before. :P 
Last one of the lot!
Across the road from Buckingham Palace, was Green Park! Where I saw...

Happily munching, munching, munching. 
Oh lookie! Are those humans? 

That's about it for my short photo blog. Will do my best to upload more in the future! :)

Till next time!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

City of Bones Premier with Sephora!

Today's post is by none other than my sister, Ping! She's currently back in Malaysia for a couple of months to take a break from what I hope would be hardwork & studying in the UK! 
As I had a hair appointment I just couldn't miss (:P), so I got both my sisters (Ping & Lulu) to go in my place. Photo captions by me! :) 

On the 20th of August, my sister and I got free tickets for a preview screening for the book based movie, City of Bones at GSC cinema, Midvalley Megamall. 

Movie passes! 

We arrived early and decided to have dinner before we went to get our tickets. When we finally went to the event area which was outside GSC, there were a lot of people around ready to take their free tickets, complimentary goodie bags, have their pictures taken to be printed on cards with the city of bones theme, and just random people being curious about what was going on. 

Lulu in the top photo, Ping in the bottom. With the characters (which I would assume) Alec, Jace & Isabelle. 
There were also models dressing up as a few of the main characters of the movie (cosplayer) with whom you could take photos of or have your pictures taken with. My sister was obviously being a fan girl, wanting to take multiple photos with them and being unhappy with how dark the lightning was when I took photos of her with her phone camera, opting not to use flash as it looked uglier with it.

Have your photo taken & montaged! Final product at the end of the post. :) 

Finally, when we entered our designated viewing room and sat at our seats. There was a guy who told us we could not use any recording devices and that we were not allowed to use our phones - gasps! How dare they? No phones for one hour plus? – On pain of being forcibly removed from the screening.

The movie started, it was interesting and I was not severely critical of it as I had not read the book recently, so I was not terribly disappointed if some scenes were more rushed or cut out or changed (unlike someone I know) but I was rather annoyed by someone commenting virtually non-stop on the movie and how it differed from the book, talking so much while I was trying to enjoy a good movie. Sometimes you can’t choose who you sit next to in a movie, there may be noisy people but at least this time there were no phones ringing during the movie.

All in all, the movie was good I would say, much better than the other new book based movie with modern Greek heroes and heroines which I shall not name now as it was too painful but also had an incessant commentator sitting next to me as well then. This movie had good effects and I really liked some of the characters – the bad guy was cool! And the main character had cool powers as well, new runes anyone? – Though opinions may differ from mine on it.

 NYX goodie bag, NYX discount vouchers just for Sephora White Card members, movie passes & popcorn+drinks vouchers! 
Freebies from NYX! Unfortunately, the Twin Cake is neither me nor my sisters colours so we'll be giving these (not one, but TWO) NYX goodie bags away! More details coming soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for more info. :) 

I would say that it was quite an enjoyable experience and movie and many thanks to the sister that allowed me to watch the free movie because she herself was unable to go. :D

As promised, both my sisters as Shadow Hunters. Yeah, they need work!

Till next time!