Friday, July 6, 2012

I Want to Win an Awesome Tropical Island Holiday with Cikipedia!

As a model for my own blog, it is vital that I maintain a decent size to fit into clothes. That while most of the time do fit, but there are times after you eat a heavy banana leaf meal and you are just regretting your decision because you find yourself unable to zip up your dress! (GASP!)

IMG_2488Place a belt over your waist so no one can see you can’t zip it up all the way!

Meeting Ciki the first time I was SO impressed by… alright, her tan first! Ahahaha And also by how FIT she looked, so when she started up her Heath & Fitness blog, Cikipedia I was greatly hooked! It’s a great read with lots of tips & instructions on keeping healthy & maintain a good daily lifestyle! Once you’ve lost the weight, don’t gain it all back by being unhealthy! 

In conjunction with her blog launch, I’m participating in Cikipedia’s Healthy Getaway Weekend! YAY! Do check out the link for more details if you’d like to score yourself a stay at Pangkor Laut Resort, a luxurious YTL property!

While I LOVE eating! I also find that with age, you can never eat whatever you want and however much you want anymore as it will definitely be hitting you in the waist (or in my case the hips!). I LIKE exercising, but I must say I am a rather lazy-ish person so while I don’t exercise everyday I do try to hit the gym 2-3 times a week for an hour session of yoga, coupled with 30-45 minutes of treadmill. But of course, lately with Diablo 3 it seems that my right wrist is the one that seems to be working out the most!

Also, getting back to your work out after a couple of months of sedentary lifestyle really hits you in the muscles. But hey, if your muscles aren’t in pain the next day, you didn’t work out hard enough! :)

Here are a few of my favourite links from Cikipedia:
Beach bunny body with just push ups (Push ups btw, are my number 1 nemesis!)
Firm up & lose that jiggle (Inner & Outer thigh one is a killer btw!)
Reasons why women should not pump iron (And just for a little laugh!)
Superfoods for better sex (Because we all just gotta feeeeeel good!)

So get healthy & win yourself a holiday stay at one of YTL’s amazing hotels! Easy peasy! :)

Till next time!


  1. Being a model for your own website is no joke I agree.. Oh the pressure! But you know, you're really doing just fine.. keep up the hot legs.. hot legs!! :D

  2. Hahahaha thanks so much!! :)