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Must Have My Lip Stuff Flavours!

YAY! If you guys haven’t already heard, Cynthia from Tanks for 5 is the proud distributor of My Lip Stuff in Malaysia!
“My Lip Stuff lip balms are hand made, skin-earth-animal friendly natural lip balms, available in more than 500 flavours. The best moisturizing lip balm on the planet, plus with the wide range of flavours, you're sure to find one that suits you!”
Yes, that’s me being lazy and totally copying and pasting the quick information on MLS’s fantastic lip balms!
If there’s one thing you should always have in your purse, it’s lip balm! The great thing about them is the fact that they come in little small tubes that won’t take up much space in your purse. Not only can you use them on your lips, but you can always apply them on any other rough patches of your skin that need instant moisturising.

Now the great thing about MLS’s balms, besides the fact that they are totally hand made, skin-earth-animal friendly, they come in the largest possible selection of flavours! Can you totally imagine having 500 different flavoured lip balms! Gosh! That’s more than I could use in a year! Because of the HUGE variety, I decided to make a very quick MUST HAVE/STARTER KIT of flavours! They will include those that I have tried, and those that I totally want and feel that they are a MUSTTTT!

So done up alphabetically, here goes the top flavours that you MUST have!

Apple Smoothie.

Description: Sweet red apples blended with creamy vanilla milk.
I find that every once in awhile, you’d like to have a delicious fruity smoothie, and that’s where this balm comes in to give you your fix! A delicious blend of juicy sweet apples and creamy vanilla milk. Utter bliss to have in your purse.
Click here for the full review.

Berry Berry.

All berries here! Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and more.
Who can resist a balm that has all the possible berries inside? This balm is truly yummy and gummy. There’s just no other words to describe how yummy this balm is! It’s just a simple sweet, fruity and berry filled balm! Great for all your berries junkies!
Click here for the full review.

Cat Pee.

Description: A funny name- but a yummy blend of pink grapefruit, orange, & lime.
This is one of my personal favourites! For me, I can’t seem to taste the pink grapefruit-ness at all. Which I am very glad for, because I HATE grapefruit! I don’t care how fabulous it is in helping you lose weight. I.HATE.IT.
Back to the balms, this balm is a must have for it’s fabulous citrusy flavour!
Click here for the full review.

Coconut Cream Pie.

Description: Coconut, Cream, & a hint of vanilla make up our version of the popular pie.
For me, I personally don’t like coconuts that much. So I was a little skeptical and hesitant to try this balm. But boy am I glad that I did! This balm is totally delish! The coconut scent is not at all like the ones we drink! Instead, with the blend of cream and vanilla, this balm has gotta be one of the most sinful balms around! Totally awesome if you need a creamy fix!
Click here for the full review.

Dog Poop.

Description: A funny name- but a yummy blend of Caramel & Coffee.
Another favourite of mine! This is a definite must have for all coffee lovers out there! I love this balm because it totally reminds me of Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato minus the calories! Should I feel tired during the day, I always quickly apply this balm for a quick whiff of coffee to perk me up!
Click here for the full review.


Description: HOT!! Just like the pepper!
I have not yet tried this particular balm, but rest assured it is in my current to buy list! And will be picking it up from Cynthia, when I can! Sometime soon I hope! I put this under a Must Have/Starter Kit because not everyone is blessed with luscious Jolie lips, and as such we need all the help we can get! If you do have thin lips, or if you feel that your lips could use a little more plumping, I suggest getting this flavour. Two in 1 combo! Nourishing lip balm + plumper! Awesome sauce!


Description: This one smells just like the drink. Sweet Rum, Lime, & a touch of Lemon.
Another flavour I have yet to try, but I fully recommend it anyways because I am in love with the drink! Though personally I like Strawberry Margaritas better, I do still like the original Margarita! Everyone needs a little booze balm in their purse, just as a little refreshing pick me up!


Just like our aromatherapy bath salts: Lavender, Rose, & Orange to help with sleepless nights.
There are nights where we just find it a little harder than usual to fall asleep, and when that happens I like to apply a nice smooth thick layer of this balm to help moisturise my lips and for it’s aroma therapeutic effects. I have tried this balm and I do like it, I just haven’t gotten around to writing an actual review for it yet. Don’t worry, it’ll be up soon!

Peppermint Latte.

Description: A winning combination of cool peppermint and hot cafe latte.
I know, I know we already have a coffee flavoured balm on top, but I just gotta say that you gotta have this balm! Because the mix of coffee and peppermint is just absolutely divine! I love how the scent of coffee instantly perks me up, while the peppermint gives my lips a nice cold tingle. You have to get this if you love coffee and mint!
Click here for the full review.

Pink Cake.

Description: Like a cupcake with pink icing! Cake & Sugary Icing, with hints of strawberry, lemon, & more. Stevia sweetened. YUM!!!!
I don’t know what it is about this balm, but somehow the mix of cake, icing, strawberry, lemon and such just gives this balm a totally delicious taste to it! It not only smells heavenly, but when you lick your lips, you can practically taste it. Sinfully sweet and divine.
Click here for the full review.

Vanilla Buttercream.

Description: Creamy Butter Cream with a hint of vanilla. Another staff favorite!
I do have this flavour, I just haven’t opened it yet! Teehee! The reason I put this as a Must Have/Starter Kit flavour is because that I am a fan of vanilla, and there are just some days where you want a simple no fuss flavoured lip balm and I personally feel that vanilla is neither too overpowering nor too mild. It is in fact just the perfect blend of simplicity for a casual lip balm.

So there you have it! 11 flavours that I recommend as a Must Have! Or for those of you just starting out, here’s a good selection to get an idea of what flavours you’d like. :)

To purchase any of these fabulous flavoured balms and to check out what other wicked flavours they have, do head on over to My Lip Stuff Malaysia. They’ve got heaps more balms for you to feast your eyes on and heaps more reviews to help you with your balm flavour choosing. :)

And in case you’re wondering, here’s my next flavour list:
1 Almond
2 Ambrosia
3 Apple Cider
4 Banana Cream Pie
5 Buttery Nipple
6 Cherry Vanilla
7 My Valentine
8 Gummy Bear
9 Jalapeno
10 Lava Flow
11 Lemon Buttercream
12 Margarita
13 Peach Cheesecake (now Pumpkin Cheesecake. Perfect for Christmas I say!)
14 Melon Mania
15 Peanut Butter Cookies
16 Pina Colada
17 Strawberry Daquiri
18 Truffles
19 Upside Down Pineapple Cake
20 Vanilla Caramel

Till next time!

Ps: View their latest promotions here!

Images are all from My Lip Stuff Malaysia. Only cos I'm a lazy ass. :) 

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